An Interview with Tino of The Hunna

The band. Ryan (Tino) and Dan (Bandana Dan) met at 17 on a music course at college and a brotherly bond was created, people actually still think Tino is Dan’s younger brother! it wasn’t until October 2013 that Jack (Insta-King) and long time bro Cuneyt (The Prince) joined us and finally found two other brothers, it immediately felt like this was what we were waiting for and it’s been an amazing journey ever since.

A typical day in the life of The Hunna. Constantly working on our music and new ideas for future of The Hunna, hanging with The Hunna squad, smoking, listening and appreciating our favourite artists, travelling the country trying to expand The Hunna squad and turning up as much as we can.

Inspiration behind ‘Bonfire’ (debut single). The inspiration came from the time I was going through a breakup or the in between transition of one and my outlook on that part of a relationship.

Writing process. We had the song for a year before release and it was always a favourite. Recording it was an amazing experience and we were so blessed to work with Tim Larcombe, considering the artists he’s worked with and talent he has! It was a perfect fit for us and became not just someone you work with, but a bro! He’s a big part of The Hunna squad now!

Supporting Coasts. Well this was our first ever tour, so for us it’s been crazy! You don’t really have time to think about eating an actual meal or getting some sleep, so those things perhaps next time we’d think about more, but we turn up too hard. We just wanna make sure we deliver a 1Hunna performance for those supporting us, and I’d like to think we do.

Response. To put it into words is so hard… We’ve had fans messaging us on our social sites saying Hunna squad and 1Hunna, that’s what we’ve always wanted, to connect with people through our music and bring people together. Our fans are part of the band, they’re The Hunna squad. We’ve loved meeting people at shows on the tour, some who have travelled long distances to see us, it’s been really special and Bonfire being in the Spotify Viral UK Top 50 at No.8 so quickly, we feel very blessed for the support.

Need on tour.  A shower


Photo credit- Haris Nukem

Advice. Stay true to ourselves and enjoy it. We are very open minded as a squad and always learning and growing as people and a band and we’ll continue to do that throughout and keep it Hunna everyday.

Listening to. We all have such a wide variety of artists we listen to. We are all admirers of Drake’s work, his lyrics and delivery are like no other. Rae Sremmurd have The Hunna squad going up! Alessia Cara, Courtney Barnett, Post Malone and Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man = swag.

Goals as a band. Our goal is to be a worldwide band playing arenas in the future, getting as many people around the world and making them part of The Hunna squad.

Upcoming plans. We’ve just finished tour so at the moment just settling back into life at home. We’re going back into the studio in a few weeks to work on more songs, including the next single and preparing for our headline tours next year which are gonna be LIT!

 Tino 🌹

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