The Student Review x Jerry Williams (Interview)

“I love working with people who get excited by the music because I’m the same” says teen singer and songwriter, Jerry Williams. Hailing from Portsmouth, Jerry has received great recognition with her music from the likes of The Guardian and Music Week. Her latest single ‘Boy Oh Boy’ is a follow up from her debut single ‘Cold Beer’, which has racked an awesome 30,000 views on YouTube in 2 months! The inspiration behind some of her songs draws from artists such as Vampire Weekend, Slow Club and Coldplay, her life growing up in Portsmouth, and her relationships.

Having people as enthusiastic about the music you create it what give any singer the determination (along with other aspects) and drive to move forward in their musical endeavours. Jerry worked with producer Dan Brown on her EP Cold Beer. “I love working with Dan. It’s always exciting working with him. We share the same enthusiasm I think. When we jam something we like, we both go crazy and start dancing and being like ‘OH YEHHH’ haha. We bounce off each other well.”

Additionally, Jerry has already written tracks with Newton Faulkner, Carey Willets from Athlete, Jim Duguid (Paulo Nutini) and Dan Carey (Miles Kane, Nick Mulvey, and Sia).


Prior to becoming a touring musician, writing music in places that are nothing but familiar and sets you in a particular comfort zone potentially allows for inspiration. The element of writing music just for herself without having to share it is something Jerry misses, but she is more than happy for people to hear her music! “I love people hearing my music and relating to it. I miss being able to write on my own in my bedroom for months because that can be very creative over time. But you can’t beat it when people love the music you’ve written about how you feel.

For certain career paths, there may seem to be restrictions that won’t allow for a creative opportunity, but touring allows for Jerry to “work with amazing people and getting to be creative all the time!” Getting the chance to experience all this is something that Jerry looks forward to. “It’s amazing that I’m getting a taste of what hopefully my life could be, I love it” she exclaims. With the music we have heard so far, we hope for nothing but the best in her musical career!

If you have not got round to checking out some of Jerry’s music, where have you been?! To give you a little insight, her music consists of relatable topics from relationships to friendships. Through the power of music, messages can be portrayed to the listeners; maybe taking something away from what they hear- lyrically and about the artist themselves. Through her music, Jerry wants listener to take away the first and foremost message that she is just like one of us! “I’m just a normal, honest girl.” She explains. “I write about boys and growing up and going out. It’s just a part of my life at the moment. Hopefully people can hear a lyric or a subject matter and think ‘yeh I’ve been there’ or ‘I’m experiencing that now! I know that’s what I like to hear in other people’s songs.”

Jerry Williams- ‘Cold Beer’ 

“Being emotional sometimes is good. Let things out haha” is what Jerry has learnt while writing new material. This advice can also be applied to life in general.

Some advice that you said you would give aspiring musicians is ‘go for it! Be the artist you want to be and stay true to yourself’. Was there any advice that you were given before pursuing this career? “My mum and dad always say follow your dreams and be yourself, don’t change for anyone and live the life you’ve imagined. My auntie Sharon told me about this book called The Secret as well.” Said Jerry proudly.

Being able to relate to an artist and/or the lyrics is something that a lot of us want within music. In terms of current musicians that Jerry feels she can relate to, Slaves and Slow Club are bands that provide the connection. “I love lyrics by Slaves. I’m really into conversational lyrics and I think they do that. Slow Club always manages to connect with me as well” says Jerry. Taking the comparisons to the likes of Lily Allen and Gabriella Aplin as a compliment, setting herself apart from other musicians provides a way of leaving a lasting impression on the audience. “I’m not sure, I just be myself. I guess it could be the stories I tell. Everyone has different experiences in life and I just write about mine. It just makes you sing it more passionately as well.”

December 2015 saw Jerry perform with The Urban Vocal Group at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. “Amazing! I felt so lucky to have been welcomed into their group and to hear them singing along nicely with me! They’re all lovely, talented people and Amba and Charlie who run it are inspirational! So proud to be a patron for them”.

Being a new year, we set ourselves goals in hopes of attaining them and help us look back on fond memories and achievements. Something that Jerry wanted to achieve was play ‘Wipeout’ by The Surfaris on the guitar. Let’s see how she got on with it. “I’ve learnt it on my own!!” she says proudly! So what’s next? “Just got to play it with my band and show them ma skills hahaha.”

What a lot of us like to do rounding off the year is compile a list of our ‘Top 5’ or ‘Top 10’, whether it be movies, albums, moments or music. This time, I asked Jerry what her top 5 songs of 2015 were. “That’s so HARD! I’ve listened to music from all over the place this year. Ummm.” Here are Jerry’s top 5 songs of 2015.

  1. ‘Cheer up London’ by Slaves
  2. ‘Good Times’ by Jamie xx
  3. ‘I Love You’, Honeybear by Father John Misty 
  4. ‘The love you’re given’ by Jack Garratt 
  5. ‘Boy Oh Boy’ by Jerry Williams (of course haha)

Guess what?! Jerry Williams officially has merch available! “Bit surreal. It’s pretty cool when people want to have your merchandise! I sell it out of a suitcase at gigs, feel like Del Boy.”

Other than music, clothes and fashion are two of Jerry’s passions. “I love clothes and fashion! I like rummaging through vintage shops for like 70s dresses and things like that. I’m into makeup too! I’ve started Body Balance at the gym so hopefully that will become a regular new hobby of mine haha.” New Year resolution maybe?

It’s time to look back at some highlights from the year of 2015 in Jerry Williams’ musical career. One particular standout moment was “definitely the tour with Nathan Sykes!” and also “Getting together with my band and playing amazing shows like The Great Escape, Wilderness, Victorious and Camden Barfly. Signing with Coda and Select models as well.”

So what can we expect from Jerry Williams for the start of next year? “More music, videos and shows! Can’t wait for the new year!”

We cannot wait! Keep up to date with all everything Jerry gets up to over the next coming months, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.



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