8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi!

    I am a 17-year-old country music singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado. Last week we finished production on a music video featuring one of my original songs. It’s a fun, feel-good song and video that I think you will enjoy!

    1. Hi Ali

      Thanks for getting in contact. I enjoyed listen to your song and will feature it on my blog.


  2. Hi Sarah! Love checking out your blog and listening/discovering the new artists and bands that you post about. Great work! I wanted to share with you an AMAZING pop band that I discovered in the summer. They opened for Carly Rae Jepsen at a concert in Toronto, Canada and I’ve been OBSESSED with them ever since. They are called ‘REVERSE’ and they just dropped a new music video for a song called ‘Dial Tone’ which is my favorite song off of their album! LOVE IT!! I msgd them on Twitter and promised that I would do everything I can to spread the word on their music. They NEED to be heard!! Lol! Check out these links to their music videos:

    Dial Tone-

    Glad To Meet You-

    Hope you get a chance to check them out Sarah! They are so awesome sauce!


    1. Hey Brendan, thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely check them out and put up a feature about them on my blog.

      Also be sure to ‘like’ ateenmusicblog on Facebook to stay updated with everything going on with this blog!

      Hope to hear from you soon,


  3. Hey Sarah, no problem! Just doing my job as a loyal REVERSE fan lol! This group needs to be heard… Thank you for doing a feature!! Can’t wait to send it to the band for them to see!!!! So awesome.

    I will for sure find ya’ll on Facebook! As I said, I think this particular blog is great!!

    Thanks again Sarah 🙂


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